Integrated dynamic skills since we

Now that you have explained what it is and what are the advantages of integrating dynamics in your company, it is now time to find out some suggestions for activities to carry out with your employees. See these tips: Naming the Game The name game is a simple but effective motivator that can promote stronger relationships between employees. Basically, write the names of all the participants on a piece of paper and draw lots of them.

Each employee must describe being selected

Colleagues’ characteristics, but not their identity. These characteristics can be physical, intellectual, emotional, and professional. Based on this description, the other collaborators must guess who the person described is. The dynamics  Whatsapp Number List of the human jigsaw puzzle are perfect for stimulating teamwork, logical reasoning, creativity and concentration. Furthermore, its application is very simple.

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The first step is to divide the group into groups

And provide each group with the same puzzle. For example, if two groups are formed, two puzzles will need to be provided. For three groups, three puzzles, and so on. Remember, the puzzle pieces must be mixed together to inspire teamwork  UK Cell Number nd reasoning among participants. Therefore, the team that completes the assembly the fastest wins the momentum. To encourage people to participate, companies can even offer prizes to the winning team, which is sure to motivate the team.

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