Intermediate English course certified

Free intermediate English course certified by the British Council and Santander that is developed in two phases .

It should be noted that only the best 2000 results will advance to the second phase.

This course is organised by the British Council, which is a public cultural institute of the United Kingdom whose mission is to spread knowledge of the English language and its culture through training and other educational activities. In addition, this public body plays an important role in improving the United Kingdom’s foreign relations.

You can register until August 29, 2024. Places are limited to just 8,000 students and the course is divided into two phases. The first lasts 8 weeks and the second 20 weeks.

Who is this British Council and Santander-certified intermediate English course aimed at?
This course is designed for students with an intermediate level of English who are looking to reach a higher intermediate level . That is, it is for those who study or work in the English language or any other field.

This course is aimed at people who want to learn to speak and pronounce English correctly . It can be useful for those who travel to different countries, since it is the most widely spoken language in the world. It will also be useful for those who study or work in fields related to the English language, such as translation, politics, business or history.

No prior knowledge is required to take the course. However, you will need a computer with a stable Internet connection to access all the course content.

The course starts from scratch , but you can quickly advance. You don’t need to have any level of English ( see free English courses ), as the platform teaches you in Spanish.

What will you learn in this intermediate English course certified by the British Council and Santander?
The course is open to anyone from any country with an Internet connection. During the course, you will have access to all the necessary material so that you can complete the course at your own pace . However, it is recommended to dedicate at least 3 hours a week to complete the content.

The topics covered in this intermediate English course certified by the British Council and Santander are the following:

This is a self-study online course

Before starting, students must complete a test to identify the program that best suits their level. In case of error, they will have 1 week to change level.
Each student chooses a topic and learns through interactive activities.
Six topics are offered for each level : three on social issues and three on business issues.
Each topic has six lessons, for a total of 36 lessons per level .
Upon completion of a Job Function topic, the student receives a badge and its corresponding certificate .
Additionally, students can access four Live25 sessions. These are seminars led by a teacher, to reinforce grammar or pronunciation. These seminars are not part of the course, they are voluntary.

Phase 2
This phase is offered to the 2,000 students who have had the best performance in phase 1. It consists of 20 additional weeks of online training , which includes all the materials available and described in phase 1 plus:

18 synchronous online classes with a

teacher and available 24 hours a day. Students will participate in classes with other students from different parts of the world, also providing added benefits to learning English.
Personal work with the materials available online , for each class attended.
Classes can be booked as far in advance as you wish during the course period, but only one class can be booked per week . The timetables are very varied and flexible and the student can Japan Email List choose a different timetable each week.
It is possible to cancel the class up to 24 hours before it starts without losing credits. Failure to attend without cancelling on time will result in loss of credits.
Teacher feedback on your performance.
Access to the intermediate English course certified by the British Council and Santander
Access the intermediate English course certified by the British Council and Santander taught by the British Council . Both registration and participation are enabled completely free of charge. Remember thatYou only have until August 29 to apply.and there is limited capacity.

To be eligible for a scholarship like this, you do not need to be a university student. These scholarships only have two requirements: nationality or residence in one of the countries listed in the call for applications and being over 18 years of age at the time the call for applications opens. It is also not necessary to be a Santander bank client.

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