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Again, this is quite simple to understand. The time available to each Internet user is necessarily limited to 24 hours a day. And counting only the time spent on the Internet, it’s only 2 to 4 hours a day, according to Statista . nd you have surely noticed, just like me, the number of potential customers is also limited. There are “only” 65 million inhabitants in France. And if you target lawyers, there are “only” 70,073 in France (source justice.gouv.fr ). If you narrow your target even further to independent lawyers, that number drops even further. Traffic means fewer competitors Marketing services for lawyers , it is in your interest that they are on your site and not that of your competitors. Moreover, if a prospect is present on your site, that he is attentive and active there, this means that he is not “hanging out” on your USA Phone Number List competitor’s site.…

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