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What is a meta description? Wondering what a meta description is? The meta description is an element of html code that contains a short summary of the website. It is displayed on the organic search results page (SERP) – under the URL and the title of the site in the search engine. What does the meta description look like? Examples Below you will find some examples. Example meta description example Example meta description example Example meta description example Example meta description example Why should I set a meta description.

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If you don’t write and set a meta description, Google will do it for you . What’s more, he’ll pick the part of your site’s content that he thinks best matches the page’s title . An example of a meta description “sucked” from the content we have above (yoga mat). At first glance, you can see that such a meta description whatsapp mobile number list was not intentionally set. It’s just a snippet of the category description! Does it encourage users to visit the site? Not necessarily. It is true that even if you create a meta description, you are not sure that Google will definitely use it.

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Preparing Well For The Implementation

Nevertheless, you should not give up on them. SEO audit prepared by specialists Check out our  OFFER  How and where to check the meta description? If you want to check the page’s meta description, all you have to do is right-click and select “view page source”. When you examine the page code, you’ll notice a meta description tag that will probably  look like this <meta name “description” content Here is an example meta description for a page results. If you want to comprehensively check the descriptions on your website, reach for SEO tools like Screaming Frog. Thanks to it, you can scan UK Cell Number all subpages. How to add a meta description to a website.

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