A New Design Team is Accepted

A New Design Team is Accepted

At Hugsmiðinn. Jóhanna Helga Þorkelsdóttir and Birna Bryndís Þorkelsdóttir are the new design directors of Hugsmiðjun. They form Hugsmiðinn’s design team together with web designer Kristján Jón Pálsson and Áskel Fannari Bjarnassson, who has been hired as a web designer and expert in the development of design systems. Jóhanna and Birna say they are very happy with the team. “These are really strong designers with very diverse backgrounds. Everything from web and graphic design to art and UX service design. This knowledge is useful in all our diverse projects,” they say. “The goal of the team is to service our customers from a-z and take care of everything related to the digital vision of the respective customer.

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We are increasingly making use of the concepts of design system and service design. It is therefore very valuable to have Áskel join us. The user’s database journey and goal on the web is the starting point in all our projects.” Web design is our passion. Designing solutions that positively impact people’s everyday lives is very rewarding. We always focus on the user and his journey on the web, that is the starting point of good web design. Birna Þorkelsdóttir and Jóhanna Þorkelsdóttir More about the team Jóhanna Þorkelsdóttir graduated with an MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2007, previously she had completed a BA in art from LHÍ. She has over 10 years of experience in creative work, but along with art she has worked in design and photography.


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She also studied web development at the Reykjavík School of Technology. Between these mediums, the door to web design opened and she hasn’t UK Cell Number looked back since. Jóhanna started working at Hugsmiðinn in early 2017. Birna Þorkelsdóttir graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Web Development from the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology in January 2019, previously she had completed a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design from the Iceland Academy of the Arts and a Diploma in web development from the Technical College. She has been Róró’s design director since its inception and handled all branding and photography for the company, not least the product “Lulla doll”, which has become hugely popular and has sold more than 100,000 copies in over 70 countries.

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