How To Use Chatbot Messenger To Get More Lazada Reviews

How To Use Chatbot Messenger To Get More Lazada Reviews

One of the things that you have to remember is that you can’t just message anyone. Similar to email marketing, you need users to “opt-in”. It’s important to note that while Facebook has stricter rules, they still allow simple inclusion. A user only needs to message your business, and they will automatically subscribe to your list. That way, you can message users any time you want!

Persuade Users to Vote

The challenge here is how you can encourage users to opt-in. That’s when your marketing skills will be put to the test. One of the most effective ways to get people on your channel is to offer discounts. You can provide your discount via a Call to Action (CTA) in Messenger or your landing page ad. 

Another way to entice users to database take part is with the help of a loyalty points system. The point system works by allowing users to earn points for every purchase. They can use those points later to purchase items from your store. The point system will not only entice users to leave reviews, but will also promote brand or product loyalty. 

You may also want to consider sneak peeks at your new product line. Send messages to customers on how-to exclusive sneak peeks of what’s in store for them in the next few days, weeks, or months. This is a great way to entice users to leave reviews, especially when you don’t think your business can offer a discount at this point. 

Send Follow Up Message


Now that you have provided the user with a coupon or discount code, it is time to act on it. The follow-up process will let you know if the user actually purchased the product and requested a review. At this point, you should send two follow-up messages. 

The first follow-up message is to find UK Cell Number out if the user actually used the discount coupon. Requesting this might even encourage users to use it and buy the product. Send a message within 24 hours of claiming the discount. Why? It’s simple – you want the conversation to stay fresh in the minds of users. 

If a user says they used a coupon, don’t send a second follow-up message just yet. Just send a simple message of thanks and leave things as they are. 

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