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 If you plan to write in Spanish, the font selected must have accents and special characters for that language, such as. Appropriate use of color and size. The paragraph text must be wide; if the lines are too close, reading becomes difficult. Use line breaks, styles, headings, images to break down long text reads insert long paragraphs into boxes between pixels in width. If they are wider, they can lead to dyslexia, irritability, and. Don’t justify the text: the intermediate space they produce is too wide and uneven.

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In addition, unreasonable texts make it easier for readers to break. Avoid using white latest database paragraph text on dark or colored backgrounds. Do not abuse capital letters in paragraphs. They give a “ scream” feeling. Analyzing the performance of fonts on your website; not all of these factors have the same weight or impact and may result in penalties. Recommended books on the use of typography in web design if you want to continue to delve into the font world and you are fluent in english, t

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His book explains everything better than I can: conclusion finally, I would like to tell you not UK Cell Number to get too excited about typefaces and to proceed with caution. Being a conservative is more valuable than being an innovator. There is a lot of font world and you may be confused, but according to the guide I give you, you will have everything in your hands. Save this article to your favorites and use it when you need help focusing your shoot.

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