What Can Vouchers Be Used For On Lazada

There are five core functions or objectives that Lazada sellers can use when using vouchers to increase their conversion rate. These are as follows:

  • Increase customer acquisition efforts
  • Increase the level of brand awareness through word of mouth (WOM) marketing and cross-promotion advertising efforts across various social media platforms
  • Drive higher visibility through views on the Lazada voucher page
  • Drive basket building through the power of perceived value and price reductions
  • Provides more reasons for customers to repurchase even after they have checked out

Therefore, It is clear that the power of vouchers can change the game. Unfortunately, many sellers don’t know how to use vouchers properly and end up losing their benefits.

It can be very easy for your conversion-boosting efforts to go to waste if you don’t have low fundamentals. If you’re looking to give your Lazada store conversion rate a much-needed boost for the rest of 2020 and beyond, here’s a step-by-step guide to creating effective vouchers:

Step Choose the type of voucher you want to work with

Assuming you are taking the self-funding route, there are two types of vouchers you can choose from, namely:

Collectible vouchers: The main premise for using collectible vouchers is that they are convenient for the buyer. Users can store them in their voucher wallet and use them when they are ready. Instead of having to burden your customers with the need to remember a coupon code, they can simply issue a billable coupon code on the checkout page.

Voucher codes: If you want to whatsapp mobile number list increase the urgency to visit your online store and buy from it, then you better look for coupon codes. Voucher codes are most effective when presented as a limited time offer to be emailed to customers. If they wanted to take their chance on an offer, they had to act fast!

While voucher codes can be useful, Lazada experts now recommend sticking to collectible vouchers as they can provide the same benefits as using a voucher code with an even more convenient experience. This is the type of voucher we will focus on in this guide.

Step Create your voucher

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Therefore, When it comes to creating vouchers, Lazada has laid out a fairly simple framework that even the most inexperienced UK Cell Number seller can follow. Let’s take a look at the steps you need to take when creating a collection voucher:

First, you have to go to the promotions tab on the website and click on the “ seller vouchers ” option. Once you find the seller voucher option and click on it, you can now select one of three voucher options:

  • Regular collectible vouchers: Collectible vouchers are a common type that will be displayed on product description pages, voucher channels and your own store.
  • Save follower collection vouchers: As opposed to other types of vouchers, these vouchers are much more applicable to gain store followers as they convince users to follow your page.
  • Offline collectible vouchers: This particular type of voucher can only be shared via chat or used offline, making it more applicable to vouchers that are meant to provide a refund or apology.

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