I have stopped doing to be more productive in my daily life as an entrepreneur

Things I have stopped doing to be more productive in my daily life as an entrepreneur. My routines are sacred. If you watch two or three videos on YouTube about entrepreneurs, you get the feeling that getting up early, reading a book and having a Smoothie in the morning is an entrepreneur what leads you to success. Achieving the things you want is more complicated than that.

With suppliers an entrepreneur

Things I have stopped Communicate with suppliers In recent months I have been creating small structures that allow me to focus on pushing projects forward. There are things that I don’t do in person and that is communicating with suppliers. Not out of lack of respect but to save time and do things that are more productive or where I generate more value. Right now I’m at a point where we have a lot of things we have to push at the same time.

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Little things at home

Little things at home Talking about little things. I find it infinitely difficult to do small tasks at home like cleaning and/or picking up, doing laundry, etc. I do it because it is my UK Cell Number obligation but it honestly annoys me because I see that it is the least productive way to invest my time. Whenever I can I outsource part of the work. 

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