And finally, no one will ever take your website away from you

Unless you really break the law (on this point, remember to be in good standing with the GDPR ), no one is going to take your website downUnlike a Facebook Page, LinkedIn Company Page , or Twitter account, your business website is a very secure asset. Facebook to change its algorithms to downgrade Facebook business pages. They have already done it! Twitter to go bankrupt… Who knows! LinkedIn to punish you for using its professional network too “ambitiously”. Does it make more sense to invest a lot of time and money developing a Facebook page, which is inherently a “risky” asset, or investing that same effort in your website?

At  Audrey tips, the question is settled

As you can see, increasing your website traffic is a priority for your business .

To do this, let’s go through the different Digital Marketing levers I talk about on #audreytips.

1. Increase your traffic with natural referencing (SEO)

The first and most important of these levers is Natural Referencing .

Why will you tell me?

Because even today, search engines are a free, sustainable and powerful source of traffic.

Google can bring you tens of thousands of visitors per month, if you commit to an approach consisting of:

  • Produce very interesting content for your target customers . Content that answers their questions and issues acts as a magnet to UK Phone Number List qualified visitors. This content takes many forms: blog posts, videos, infographics, white papers, etc.
  • Technically optimize your website . This means securing your site with the https protocol, having a responsive design to ensure its compatibility on mobile, speeding up the loading time of your pages and many other aspects to take into account.

Don’t Forget Online Ads (SEA)

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All of these ad platforms require a financial investment to get traffic.

But it’s a way to generate traffic almost immediately.

Their principle is in 16 words: clicks to your site associated with relevant keywords for your business for money .

This is very interesting if you have an advertising Uk Cell Number budget and SEA is profitable for your activity.

Because for many professional activities, advertising on the Internet is not necessarily profitable , simply because of fierce competition between advertisers.

My advice : invest gradually in SEA, always ensuring the return on investment. It’s easy to “wrong” spend hundreds of dollars on Google Ads.

Either way, online advertisements are a real source of traffic.

Some of our clients spend thousands of dollars per month on Google Ads ads. These campaigns generate thousands of visitors for them with many conversions!

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