Use online brainstorming tools

Working on a project as part of a remote team can be a real obstacle course. Fortunately, some software helps you overcome many challenges. For example, I recommend these 3 solutions: Chanty  is perfect for collaborative work. With this excellent alternative to Slack, you share files, organize team activities… It also integrates with your favorite applications. Lucid spark  provides you with a virtual whiteboard (with post-its). You’ll collaborate in real time, organize votes, and even schedule timers  for your mind maps. You easily generate ideas as a team while presenting them in the form of midcaps.

Generating Ideas

If you work in marketing or sales, brainstorming is a good opportunity to review your company personas  (your ideal customer) as a team.

You can discuss your expectations and goals during the session and see what personality trait stands out.

It is extremely important to have a persona with as much detail as possible to maximize your marketing, sales and customer support strategy.can brainstorm China Phone Number List around these buyer personas to decide your Digital Marketing strategy.

For example, brainstorming helps you:

  • Choose the topic of a blog post that matches your persona,
  • Decide if SEO is a better strategy than paid,
  • Find out what kind of influencers best represent your buyer persona…

Create an action plan

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Before you get down to business, wrap up your virtual brainstorming by bringing your team together again to come up with a plan.

With your new ideas in mind, come up with a revised schedule and budget. You also reassess the challenges and risks of your new ideas.

If you’re in marketing, you can create an editorial plan at the end of your online brainstorming session.

So everyone is up to date on the content strategy Uk Cell Number  and has a guideline for the rest of the year.

It’s very easy to get overwhelmed along the way, and having an editorial calendar that you can correct as needed helps you revisit your core values ​​and goals at any time.

This step helps to ensure that everyone fully understands every aspect of the project, which is essential in a remote team where communication is not always easy or possible.

audrey: thank you Juliette for these valuable tips for leading an online brainstorming session. Let me add that no one wants to stare at their screen for more than an hour. So make sure your brainstorming is brief, enjoyable and concise.


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