Conclusion on organizing brainstorming with a remote team

Conclusion on organizing brainstorming with a remote team

Brainstorming is an indispensable tool if you need to come up with creative ideas different from your competition. Even from a distance, brainstorming allows you to free yourself from judgment and limiting thoughts. With those doubts removed, it’s easy to come up with decadent ideas that your competitors will never think of doing.n Brainstorming is all about creativity and imagination  and these recommendations can either form your action plan or serve as the basis for your process.

Keep these tips in mind when hosting an online brainstorm

It is essential to define the details of the project to set the outlines of the creativity session. Then throw an ice breaker to unleash the creativity of each Germany Phone Number List participant. Finally, let the magic happen without forgetting to appoint a meeting secretary who will note and share all the ideas.

questions about Online Brainstorming

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The best is to start with an “ice breaker” not necessarily related to your favorite suite. For example, a circular story, the hammer or nail game, or even word Uk Cell Number  associations. Thus, you immediately release the creativity of each of the participants.

A tool to collaborate online (share files, organize team activities…) like Slack or Chanty. A virtual whiteboard with if possible post-it or equivalent like Lucidspark, enough to draw mental maps like

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