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Most marketers share their posts on social media. The smartest ones create “infinite” promotion campaigns on social networks. An “infinite” campaign is a series of publications on social networks that continuously share all or part of your content. So, instead of sharing an article once or several times on the day of its publication, your article is promoted over and over again. Its sharing is on autopilot. To save time on these technical aspects, I use Meet Edgar .

With this tool, you import a library of social media posts

Then you define a queue that automatically fills up as you publish. In addition, you can also define sharing variations for the same article:

Then search for your article topic to see a list of top Greece Phone Number List influencers who are sharing content related to that topic.

To see which links they have recently shared, click the “View Links Shared” button.

If the URLs of the links come from different websites, it means that this person is also likely to distribute yours. Just ask him for his opinion on your article via social networks.

Ideally, do this operation with each new article.

Go hunting for backlinks

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: Buzzsumo costs $99 per month. It’s a quickly amortized investment.

However, if you don’t have this budget, take advantage of the 14-day free trial to identify as many influencers as possible for each of your main keywords .

And list them in a spreadsheet with the subject to know which publications you should contact them about.

For that, you need to get backlinks . And more Uk Cell Number  specifically, links to authoritative sites in your industry or related to the subject of your article.

So, you need to search for other web writers who could link to your article.

To do this, use Google with queries like:

List the sites you want to reach, then find contact information for the people in charge.

Send them an email explaining that you enjoyed reading one of their articles and that you also wrote about it. Ask them if they would be willing to give you their opinion on the article.

If they answer you and if so, send them the link of the article.

My experience  : not everyone will say yes. Aim for 10% success: i.e. one backlink for every 10 people contacted.


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