Plan an “infinite” social media promotion

But then what to do

In fact, it’s like a movie. There is filming and then promotion at launch but also for long months or even years for blockbusters.

I have identified 10 actions to take once your Brazil Phone Number List article is published to ensure its promotion.

Ready ? So let’s start.

In addition, if your article is widely shared, you widen your audience.

Bonus  : if you have a notification system installed on your website, send a push notification too .

Generate traffic immediately

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It’s the kick-off. he first task is to generate traffic as soon as your article is online. And the most effective way to do that is to promote your content to your subscriber list.

Indeed, they are regular readers, who know you Uk Cell Number and appreciate you to the point of having given you their email address . It is also a way to maintain your sales.

But be careful, do not send all the content of your article in an email.

For what ?

Quite simply, because it does not generate traffic!

Your recipients don’t need to visit your website to view the content. In addition, they cannot share, comment on this article or read others.

Instead, send a “teaser” email to entice your subscribers to read it on your company blog.


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