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Although it is only a beta it has particularly surprising results. With the virtual machine start  it takes a second and a half to switch from one system to another. Compatibility with other software? Microsoft 365 is already available for m1. No problem managing huge files. For music apps. Logic has already been optimiz  because of apple. Ableton is still working on it but it can still be us  thanks to rosetta 2. Will there be a single operating system? We cannot rule out unification considering that the iphone operating system was born from an offshoot of macos.

Here is the recording


 Now with bigsur we are seeing a rapprochement africa email list of the desktop world towards mobile. There will be many similarities in the future although the uses of a desktop and a mobile will certainly still remain different. Building an ecommerce from scratch. The webinar recording if you miss  our webinar on ecommerce. Between myths. Legends and reality . Here is the recording. During this virtual meeting we talk  about how creating an e-commerce site increasingly appears to be a necessity in these times. But doing so requires knowl ge of some elements that go beyond the simple choice of the platform on which to build it.

For these reasons we have decid


 And we answer  some (seemingly) simple questions UK Cell Number such as. Is ecommerce an opportunity for your business? Which is better . Amazon or a proprietary e-commerce site ? Do you promote on social m ia or with seo ? Focus on value or price ? We know how expensive it can be to create an ecommerce site from scratch. Or to refine your online presence with a strategy that manages to optimize scarce resources such as time and money. For these reasons we have decid  to provide you with a path with fabio scafoletti (not only a teacher with years of experience. But also an entrepreneur in the e-commerce marketing sector). He will be able to orient you and help you understand if e-commerce is actually an opportunity for your business and will provide you with all the information on how to manage an e-commerce that works.

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