Here are the questions that were ask


 Here you will find the complete program of the e-commerce marketing lab course . Here are the questions that were ask  to fabio scafoletti during the webinar there are several case studies present  by fabio scafoletti during the webinar; those mainly observ  were “muse and heroine” (exclusive vegan cosmetic products) the magda bakery in bari (with a strong social presence and numerous reviews) and finally the industrial b2b ecommerce does muse and heroin rely on amazon? No. Through a very careful content strategy they decid  to create an image of exclusivity; although the creators are italian. The entire site and contents are in english.

The owner has always been passionate


 It would not have been a choice well align  with europe email list their idea of exclusivity to rely on amazon. Their products are very expensive – not that amazon doesn’t sell expensive products – but their presence on that portal would have been misalign  with their vision and philosophy. Muse and heroin. Are they marketing experts? Did they rely on external consultants? The owner has always been passionate about the clean beauty philosophy and it was therefore quite natural for her to set up a blog that talk  about this area and at the same time prepar  consumers for her future products.

Did they build audiences without products


 Clearly. Given the high level of attention paid to the UK Cell Number  itorial content. You have obviously collaborat  with external professionals. For example photographers; otherwise. That level of refinement and care would not have been possible. Muse and heroin . Did they build audiences without products? Yes. Talking about the philosophy behind the products and then the products. Subsequently they acquir  exclusivity with niche european producers for exclusive brands. Passion and previous experience in terms of contracts and distribution with the american market has made them a point of reference in europe for that category of products.

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