Disneyland Team Works So That Everyone

National Science Museum of Japan Especially recommended to all lovers of natural sciences and animals, the National Science Museum of Japan is located in Ueno Park , next to the station of the same name. If you come during National Museum Day (May 18; however, check the museum’s website), admission is free.

The museum is divided into two main sections: the Japanese Gallery, which focuses on the history of the Japanese islands and the evolution of people and nature, and the Global Gallery, which focuses on animal evolution , science, and technological progress . The latter offers exhibits from ancient animals to the modern era, a 360-degree cinema, computer.

Akihabara Electric Town screens with live broadcasts aimed at both

Tokyo’s central district famous for its many Database electronics stores. A place for all fans of Japanese technological culture, who may be surprised by the multitude of gadgets on offer in this district. Softmap and Laox are just two of the biggest electronics stores you’ll find there.

The Tokyo Anime Center, on the 4th floor of the UDX building, offers anime-themed exhibitions, events, and shops.

Just 15 minutes from Tokyo Central Station is one of the favorite destinations for both children and adults. The JR Keiyo line will take you to Tokyo Disneyland, a magical kingdom where dreams come true, and where you will want to ride all the attractions again and again!

It is important to note that there are likely to be many visitors. However, the entire Tokyo Disneyland team works so that everyone can enjoy the amusement park.

Have you ever wondered how to make an airplane or a flower out of a piece of paper


Have you ever thought that only Japanese elders were the only UK Cell Number ones with such knowledge? Jokes aside, this beautiful and traditional art form can help you bring a whole new look to your home.

Be sure to visit the Origami Kaikan workshops and factories and learn how to do it yourself! You will not have to pay anything since this workshop is totally free. On the second and third floors of the building, you can see the traditional process of making and decorating Japanese origami.

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