Japan free in 21 days the definitive guide

Three weeks in Japan seems like enough time to see the island without even being in a hurry to get anywhere. At least this idea is shared by many travelers.

Unfortunately (or not), Japan is not one of those places – the country is filled with picturesque vistas, breath-taking shrines and castles, endless nature, and endless opportunities for spiritual introspection, as well as an intense and packed street life. colorful.

What to see in Japan in 3 weeks In these 21 days you will be able to enjoy many of

The wonders that Japan offers you, but not all of them.

For This Reason We Have Prepared What Phone Number List Seems. To Us the Best Summary of the Definitive Experience. In Japan and We Have Added Alternative. Suggestions to the Main Route.

Since Many Travelers Are in a Hurry if They Follow Closed Guides. And Are Not Able to Enjoy Japan at Their Own Pace. In This Article We Will Not Use Numbers and We Will Try Not to Indicate the Days That the Traveler Should Spend in a Certain Place. Our Readers Are Free to Define Their Itinerary Freely. Let Us Begin!

Tokyo (Week 1)
To See Some of the Classic Routes and Different. Alternatives on What to See and Do in Tokyo , We Recommend. That You Please Also Read Our Other Articles:

Below you will find some of our favorite places despite not being the best known to the general public.

The Advertising Museum of Tokyo An unusual museum that selects and collects the curious

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advertising and design in one place. This museum will UK Cell Number not only take you through the history and strategies of advertising in Japan (since the Edo period, in the seventeenth century) but also through Japanese culture and its evolution.

You will have a unique perspective on how the Japanese shop and why they prefer some products to others. It is a story of what they like and what they don’t, of their preferences and desires over time; a very fascinating one. The sample is only about Japanese advertising but the information is available in English for all ads and campaigns.

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