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Great! Now you know how to start blogging, how to write, publish and share blog posts on social media. If you wish, you can join the free blog training, where I will explain in more detail about the blog’s settings, add-ons and writing, both in text and in videos.TOP 5 ways to turn blog readers into committed customers To increase turnover by blogging | 0 Comments | Tiia Konttinen This can also be shared… like HBO’s theme songs 623 SHARES Facebook 621 Twitter Pinterest 2 LinkedIn Some time ago, I received a question from my reader: “How do I turn blog readers into committed customers?” I’ve talked a lot about blogging, building an email list, online courses and digital entrepreneurship.  business is built around these at the moment. Since 2015, I have built a business around my blog, which has brought more than €620,000 in sales . But this is the end result you see. Before this, many mistakes have been made and failed several times. I am also typically asked: “How do you make money when your blog doesn’t have the typical annoying banner ads like other bloggers?” “I don’t understand what a blog has to do with online course sales?” “I don’t need a blog because I just want to sell my online course.

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That is what I have done and will continue to do. Even if you read all my blog posts, you cannot know what information is also found inside the paid product. Free information is only a small part of the whole that is inside your product (especially if we are talking about online courses or e-books). Remember that customers want ease and speed. This is what they get when they buy your product, because there you tell them everything from start to finish, step by step. 2. Stand out from the crowd There is nothing more infuriating than reading the same thing on 15 different blogs. Standing out from the crowd is extremely important for the continuity of your new data business. One of the most controversial topics that I recommend to you as a countermeasure to stand out from the crowd is the length of your blog post.

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I will now tell you a closely guarded trade secret: The heart of all my business is my blog. Without a blog, I would never have been able to create such a business, if I had not had an advertising budget of thousands and even tens of thousands of euros. You see, as a beginner sole trader in 2016, I decided to find an affordable and preferably free way to market my own expertise. The best way to do that is a blog. Yes, it requires time in the beginning for the structure and content of the blog to get a solid foundation. Yes, it requires commitment and persistence. And yes, it brings long-term and committed UK Cell Number customers even for absolutely free. AND in this post I will tell you how you can succeed too.

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