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TOP 5 ways to turn blog readers into committed customers My blog allows me to earn income in several different ways, such as: through affiliate marketing (which is automated income) through individual coaching (at the moment I am not taking on new clients, as my hands are full of work) cooperation patterns and partnership marketing from the sale of e-books and online training. Best of all, the “selling” is done with the help of the blog so subtly that at a quick glance it appears that I’m not selling anything at all. I think that every entrepreneur and company should write a blog, no matter what the company’s industry is. -term customers almost for free.

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But blogging is not as easy as you might imagine right now. It’s not enough to set up a free blog on Blogger or and write latest database whatever comes to mind.  social media and hope that someone grabs them. “Anyone can start a blog, but building a successful blog requires the right strategy.” -Tiia Konttinen Why is starting a blog and blogging so important? Your blog will help you: to create a deep connection with a potential customer to build trust, recognition and credibility to grow your email list to grow your audience and potential customer base it is the first step on the sales path and it increases the number of visitors on the website/online store. Quite versatile I would say! When we operate on the internet, we have far fewer tools to build trust with potential customers. And trust is important because we buy (and our customers buy) from those who which we know which we like and in whom we trust. You also don’t buy a vacuum cleaner worth 150 euros from some random guy who suddenly attacks you on the street. You have worked for that 150 euros and you want to keep it.

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When a person comes to your blog for the first time or sees a FB ad, you are that random guy for them. The person is on guard because he doesn’t want you to take his hard-earned money. The more UK Cell Number you try to advertise aggressively, the tighter the person will hold on to their wallet. Convince people with content When we meet potential customers face-to-face, building trust is easier because we have many more tools at our disposal: action expressions sound weight body language. But online all these are gone. That’s why selling online is a bit more difficult. And that’s exactly why you need a blog that helps you build trust, recognition and credibility. Companies that don’t have a blog often have to struggle with customer acquisition. Money and time are wasted on various advertising campaigns that bring little or no results.

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