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It’s no wonder that many people are already frustrated with Facebook advertising.  (or content marketing if you want to use the marketing term) make up to 6 times more sales than businesses that do not have a blog . So, if you want to stop whining and whining in the vortex of stress and take control of your own business, here are 5 ways for you to turn blog readers into committed customers. 1. The topic of the blog post really matters Before you start writing a post, take a moment to think about these questions: How will this post help you get more sales? What is this post directing my readers to? What is the ultimate goal of this post? Will this post lead to the mouth of the sales tunnel (or sales pipeline)? How does this post set you apart from the competition? How does this post make you stand out from the crowd? Does this post really show what you can do and what you are good at? Does this post solve a specific problem or challenge that the prospect is currently facing? How does the post concretely help the reader?  should contain personal stories, stories about their own life and everyday life.

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 Although it’s good to tell something about yourself from time to time, the main focus of a company’s blog should be helping customers. The younger the customer base you have ( especially if your customer base includes millennials aged 18-34 ), the more the blog will be useful to you. Is a blog a hobby or the most important business tool? If most of the posts special data are more light and carefree postings about your everyday life and life, then the blog is a hobby and not the most important business tool. The best way to find blog post ideas that will interest your potential customers is to ask your customers directly. You can make a short 3-5 question survey with Google Forms or Typeform, analyze the answers and write posts based on the answers. Another option is to go through your own e-mail and list questions that you are already being asked. You may well find 5–15 post ideas from these to get you started quickly.

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The goal is to answer the question as deeply and versatile as possible, helping your customer to solve the problem. I know what you are thinking: ” I can’t write a post for this and this question because then I’ll reveal the information I’m selling inside the product CFG. And then the competitors copy my UK Cell Number product and the customers don’t buy because they already got the information for free! ” Think of it this way: You go to a car dealership and want to buy a car. The car dealership has cardboard pictures of cars in the right size, but no actual cars. You can’t sit in the car, you can’t feel it, you can’t go for a test drive. The seller tells you that you will only get the car after you have paid for it. Would you buy a car just based on the cardboard picture? Dare to share your expertise for free.

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