The objective here is to generate as many ideas as possible

So whenever a team member comes up with an idea, give them time to share and collaborate with their colleagues. Communicating their suggestions with each other can inspire new ideas in your co-workers that would never have arisen otherwise. Your remote team members have an added advantage. Indeed, they can record these meetings to review them later. They can also instantly share documents, images, videos and other resources associated with their ideas.

Your online brainstorming meeting was successful. However, you may not have the time or the resources to exploit all your ideas. Take the time to Belgium Phone Number List review them and ask yourself a few questions:

Once you’ve considered all of your ideas, group the ones you keep by theme.

Then distribute these topics among the different members of your team to allow them to manage these tasks independently. This way, you also make it easier for them to complete their to-do list, even when working remotely.

Brainstorm around marketing persona

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The best is to start with an “ice breaker” not necessarily related to your favorite suite. For example, a circular story, the hammer or nail game, or Uk Cell Number even word associations. Thus, you immediately release the creativity of each of the participants.

A tool to collaborate online (share files, organize team activities…) like Slack or Chanty. A virtual whiteboard with if possible post-it or equivalent like Lucidspark, enough to draw mental maps like

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