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Is your Marketing team about to start a new project?If you’re stuck for ideas, a brainstorming session can be the perfect way to spark innovative, even disruptive ideas.The exercise is effective, but you still have to organize it well, especially if some members of your team are remote.To talk about it, I invited today, Juliette Gauthier , French International Marketing Specialist at Lucid .

tips for successful remote brainstorming meetings

Describe the project precisely Before starting a brainstorming, each participant must know the main information of the project.

For example, they must all be aware of the deadlines, the budget, the objectives and the purpose of the project…

You should also specify the difficulties, risks Australia Phone Number List and potential setbacks, if possible.

Describing the goal precisely  is especially important for remote teams.

Thus, you limit communication problems and misunderstandings that appear less often in a face-to-face work environment.

Choosing the first activity

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is one of the most difficult aspects of the brainstorming process.

However, there is no need to endure a heavy silence before giving free rein to your creativity, the key here is that the participants have fun during this meeting.

Opt instead for an icebreaker, suitable for remote brainstorming, to stimulate the creativity of participants:

  • The circular narrative :  a participant begins a Uk Cell Number  story and each, in turn, adds a new sentence to the narrative.
  • The game of the hammer or the nail:  the members of the team take turns choosing between 2 objects and they must explain how their choice concerns them.
  • Word Association Pick  a topic (whether related to your project or not), and ask team members to list all the words that come to mind that relate to that topic.

You can also create your own game to break the ice.

Their sole purpose is to help get your team members into a creative mindset.

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