Potential customers want to chat via WhatsApp

Was possible to gather some insights that allow. us to leverage the results. as you will see below. Some optimization insights: Facebook Ads is better for lead volume; Google Ads is better for lead quality; target audience does not use email; potential customers want to chat via WhatsApp; consumers don’t bother providing their cell phone number; ads with images of the work convert more; advertisements with company videos generate more leads; 80% of leads are generat. on mobile devices; leads from landing pages are more qualifi.; among others! The critical point we ne. to highlight is that all these insights were only possible with several months of work. In other words. there is no point in wanting to run a campaign and expect results in days. There are no shortcuts.

Lot of method to achieve a good return

It takes effort. d.ication and a lot of method to achieve a good return. Sponsor. Links Results Sponsor. Links Results All the d.ication and constant effort of our team and Construtora CRD allow. great results to be generat.: more than 1.000 leads generat. per month; 5x drop in cost per lead; more than 70 sales generat. directly; more than 10 million reais in gross revenue. Very good. isn’t it? And we could stop here. But neither we nor Construtora Renault Diniz want. to put an end to it. It was still possible to improve and optimize further. The second pain: cost per acquisition As soon as we start. to reach the result of around 1.000 leads per month. we realiz. that we were entering the vicious circle of sponsor. links. The increase new data  in the cost per acquisition. As we’ve discuss. in other posts. paid m.ia work involves continually optimizing your cost per click and click-through rate. However. as you can imagine. this has a limit.

And at this point the only way to increase

There is a saturation point . at which it is no longer possible to increase the click rate and r.uce the cost per click. And at this point the only way to increase results is to pay more to Google and Facebook. and. consequently. increase the cost per acquisition. But how to avoid this increase? Note that the logic behind sponsor. links is very simple. Why does your company ne. to pay and depend on this funding to appear? In short: your client doesn’t know you; your company has no visibility; people want your product. but don’t know it exists; the user trusts Google. not your company. In practice. we are talking UK Cell Numbr about authority . which your company does not have – and which Google and Facebook have (and sell). And this was the scenario at Construtora Renault Diniz.

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