All of the company’s traffic and leads depend

On payments to m.ia channels. because the company had no authority. And the way to correct this scenario was investment in SEO. Working on the 3 pillars of this methodology . we invest in: website optimization; content production; gaining external links. And by doing so. we would bring the desir. results. namely: more authority (better website. better content. higher online reputation); more relevance on Google (and better positioning in organic search); more organic traffic (r.ucing dependence on sponsor. links); more user engagement (interest in CRD content and consequently CRD products). New website and blog. content and SEO Not unlike our other cases.

We count on the support of Rock Content to

we start. SEO work. parallel to the existing sponsor. link routines: Base planning: review of Construtora Renault Diniz personas; gathering insights with results already generat. via paid m.ia; formalizing keywords and search intent to direct content production and optimization. Channel creation: -review of the website and creation of the company blog . Content production: we count on the support of Rock Content to guarantee recurrence and quality in the production of texts that would bring greater ranking to Construtora CRD; We then embark on our content optimization methodology. constantly  new database  improving each text to gain more positions on Google. SEO Optimization: Onpage optimization was initially appli. to correct critical points on the website and blog and is still maintain.

SEO Results Construtora CRD Organic Traffic

Today to ensure compliance with search engine algorithm priorities and user experience. Backlink management: By improving the content. we were soon able to gain organic and active backlinks. generating more authority for the domain and thus more traffic. Monitoring and measurement: Despite the results. Construtora CRD’s SEO project is still recent. so measuring indicators is crucial to maintain the correct path and avoid setbacks along the way. SEO Results Construtora CRD Organic Traffic In about 6 months. we start. to see good results with Construtora CRD’s SEO routines. Naturally. as there is little time for an organic positioning  UK Cell Numbr project. we can still achieve better numbers: 12 times more organic traffic in 9 months; 43.999 organic hits per month; more than 250 keywords in the TOP 3 of Google.

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