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Was the trust plac. by CRD in Flammo. in addition to the long-term focus. This way. we were able to divert ourselves from the anxiety of getting quick results and combine the best of the worlds of SEO and Sponsor. Links. And you? Let’s build your case? If your company still doesn’t have visibility on Google . and doesn’t use the searches of your potential customers to generate sales. we can help! digital marketing actions to increase your results and sales Felipe Sobreira By Felipe Sobreira October 22, 2018 When we look at the number of digital marketing actions that present themselves as opportunities for a company, we have to wonder how to decide which one to choose first.

Social mia E-mail marketing Marketing automation.

There are several possibilities, each with different focuses (and not all companies ne all these actions or can afford them ), With that in mind, let’s quickly talk about the main strategies within the online environment, bringing out the following points about each one: what is it; what is the objective; when to invest; how to measure the result, It is important to clarify that this article will certainly not cover everything that digital marketing offers, The objective is to only talk about the main actions, given that most companies are not yet so digitally mature, Let’s move on! Websites  Latest database and blogs Landing Pages CRO (Conversion Optimization) Sponsor links IF THE Content Marketing Social mia E-mail marketing Marketing automation.

Many companies that are not yet digitally mature

Websites and blogs Websites and Blogs 1,1, What is it: No doubt here, right? Your website and/or blog are your online point of contact, a kind of virtual showcase, your store open 24 hours a day , 7 days a week, 365 days a year, Using the analogy of a physical store, if your establishment is ugly, has poor service or is hidden from the public , no one goes in to buy, right? For this reason, having a good website is the beginning of any digital marketing project, 1,2, What is the objective: Many companies that are not yet digitally mature  UK Cell Numbr make the mistake of building a website just for the sake of it : because the competitor has one, because someone told the owner that it nes to be on the internet.

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