Why generate traffic on your website

I must admit that in principle

For me, your website is the ideal place to win new customers. But let’s see in more detail the underlying reasons for this need to have traffic on your website. Imagine that you have 10 visitors per day on your website. This represents 300 visitors per month. It’s a beginning. But, with such a low volume, you don’t learn much about:

 The behavior of your visitors on your site. What pages do UAE Phone Number List they visit and like? Do they leave the site from certain pages, which they like less? Are they staying long or not?…

 The origin of your visitors . Do they come from Google, social media, one of your email campaigns?…

 The conversions of your visitors into customers . Do you have 1%, 5% or 10% of your visitors contacting you or buying from your site? And for visitors who contact you, where are they from, what pages have they visited before?…

Sufficient traffic volume to learn about your market and customers

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However, these are simple statistics that Google Analytics gives you to study your traffic and its characteristics .

But to analyze “average” behavior and Uk Cell Number draw meaningful conclusions about what you need to do to improve your site and your offering, you need hundreds, if not thousands, of monthly visits .

Once you learn, step by step, what interests your customers and how to satisfy them, nothing can stop you.

Imagine that your website:

  • Convert 5% of visitors into paying customers,
  • And that each customer brings you an average of €100.

With 100 visitors per day, you have 5 customers and 500 € more turnover per day.

And so each new “package” of 100 visitors earns you an additional €500.

So, based on this example, would you rather have 100 visitors per day or 10,000?

I’ll let you do the math.

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