The winners of the Wix SEO Battle are

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Data Protection at this link. Learning was one of the main reasons Marie Haynes Consulting entered the SEO competition. According to her. It was a great company data opportunity to test the platform and the tools that the platform offers. As well as try out SEO experiments that we haven’t been bold Therefore, enough to try on clients. Some newer employees had never built a website before. Therefore, and the contest gave them the opportunity to do just. That and learn how to raise the site’s ranking from scratch. The desire to learn also led the agency to side with the “Fans.” In an interview after the competition, Marie confessed that she was aware of some negative perceptions about Wix in the SEO community, but that they knew.

The winners That the platform had been

Therefore, working on improvements, and it was a challenge for them to know about those improvements. And the result is that many professionals were UK Cell Number impressed with. The results and how easy it was for inexperienced employees to handle the platform and its SEO tools. And now I’ll tell you about some of the strategies that Above all, I have read in the interview they did and that I find interesting to know a little about how they have drawn up the positioning strategy.

Therefore, Some of the examples of tactics they created were, a contest with a Christmas-themed scavenger hunt that offered MHC newsletter Above all, subscriptions to the winners. They led visitors to search for a dozen Gifs of John Mueller, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst fame, scattered throughout the site. With this Therefore, they managed to keep users on the website longer, participate in more than dozens of pages, and contribute to a rapid increase in Google positions.

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