How to prepare an Automated Email Marketing budget

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Strategic planning phase

“We can’t go around like headless chickens.” Is there any expression more bloodthirsty and gloomy than that? (no, “to the bread, bread and to the wine, wine” is not valid). However, that’s good, right? Nowadays, registering an account on a platform is within the reach of anyone. If you search on YouTube, you will surely find hundreds industry email list of tutorials explaining how to do this and that. So why would a client pay us to do a job that any of his employees could do? Because, in reality, we put our experience and know-how so that all these actions serve to achieve an objective. True or not? That is why this first phase is key, which of course we have to include in the budget, because it will take time.

Digital and email marketing strategy

We will begin by establishing our own Email Marketing strategy , answering, with sincerity and realism, the following questions: What do I want to finally achieve? What is the sales cycle for my product or service? At what point can I attract subscribers more easily? What would motivate or justify a subscription at this point? How could I attract potential UK Cell Number subscribers to my list entry points? That is: where are they? How do I get your attention? For each point in the process, what might motivate the subscriber to move to the next point? What data would you need to determine as accurately as possible where a lead is? What data do I need to help you move forward?

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