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Yes, this process is going to take you Product Industry. A few hours before you sit down to write, but it is the way to create quality content that ranks and differentiate yourself from those who just copy and paste in any way the first thing they find on Google. Drafting Yes, yes, let’s start writing… Do you understand now why many of us SEO writers say that “the least important thing is writing”? That is why sometimes it is difficult for us to establish how long it takes us to write 2,000 words, for example. Here the famous “it depends” of SEO applies. It doesn’t take me the same time to write 2,000 words about.

Differentiate Product Industry yourself from those who just copy 

Napoleon Bonaparte (I’m a historian) as it top industry data does 2,000 words about the operation of the Wankel engine, for example. But let’s continue: now the time has come to sit down in front of the keyboard, although there are still some details that you have to finalize… patience… Tone . Informal, serious, treating the reader like you, being familiar with them… To know which is the most correct, it is as simple as asking your client directly or taking a look at their website to see what style is used in this regard.

Do not write for the sake of writing just to reach

In addition, it will be very useful for you UK Cell Number to know the target audience of your texts to be able to target more precisely. Extension . Above we have seen how DinoRANK can give you an idea of ​​the average number of words your content should have, but this will also depend on the search intent. Sometimes it can be solved with 100 words; In other cases you will need 2,000. Do not write for the sake of writing just to reach a minimum (although sometimes you have no other choice due to the client’s demands) but do not skimp on information that may be useful to the user who is reading you. Readability .

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