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The user has to read your Reach the text easily, so he tries not to make sentences that are too complex and convoluted and uses a pleasant tone (rigor does not have to be at odds with being entertaining). I was going to dedicate the fourth point of this list to spelling and grammar but it is something that I cannot summarize in two or three lines. It is not acceptable to have spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in SEO writing. (Well, not really in any type of writing but that’s another debate…) There is no excuse. You cannot have a single mistake in this regard because it will undo all the previous work you have done and can also ruin your reputation.

fourth point of this Reach the list to spelling and grammar but it is something

I am part of several groups of editors industry email list on Telegram and I am horrified not only when I see very basic spelling mistakes, but also the defense of these errors by other editors: “it’s okay if you understand it”, “it’s just that I get caught up in the networks.” I have become accustomed to writing like this”, “it is not that important”… They are certainly editors whom I would never recommend and whom I would never count on if I needed to delegate work. The best way to avoid this is to read a lot and I’m not referring to the.

Dictionary of doubts or the RAE's own Twitter account

Internet: read books that have been UK Cell Number through the hands of spelling. Grammar and style checkers (I have worked as a. Proofreader and I know how meticulous they are in this regard. Although there are exceptions. , as everything…). And if you still have doubts, you have wonderful resources on the Internet such as Fundeu , the Pan-Hispanic Dictionary of doubts or the RAE’s own Twitter account, which I go to from time to time to ask or confirm any question. But never settle or be left in doubt: it is the best way to learn, evolve and stand out above other editors. Layout That’s it! You have already

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