Copywriting for Landings and emails

Yes, at this point we will know exactly what things we are going to have to do but, from pure experience, then it is time to write the texts and that, sometimes, gets stuck so that you cannot see . That is why it would be good to include a budget item for the specialized writing of this content , both for the Landings and for each email in the automated flow. For each of the processes Value proposition and copy for the Landing Page . Writing texts for each email in the process . Design and planning of acquisition channels Do you know a common and very serious mistake? Not thinking, as part of the project, about how we are going to make what we are offering visible to a target audience. Okay, maybe we already have a lot of audience … but what if we don’t?

Execution phase

Oh my goodness, seriously, it doesn’t stop snowing! I’m going to make gachasmigas. I’ll come back later. Amos, if the post alone has taken me a lot of time, do you have an idea of ​​what it costs to make the budget? Come on, let’s continue. In our budget we have taken into account the hours that, as consultants, we will have to top industry data dedicate to drawing up the email marketing strategy and tactics . We always start from what the client wants to achieve to carry out a reverse analysis process that determines how we could achieve it. Yeah? Well, now is the time to budget for its execution. Who will do each thing? How much will it cost? Since I don’t want to go into too much detail, I’m simply going to list points to take into account.

Monitoring, feedback and process improvement

Hey, with a belly full of crumbs, after having rested for a while watching an episode of “Breaking Bad” and coffee in hand… we continue! Chubby piece of post… Maybe you were already thinking that we had finished budgeting, but there is still a critical aspect missing: monitoring and improvement . Yes, essential because, as you have already seen in some previous points, all this is very alive: the list is alive, the subscribers are alive, the processes are alive … Therefore, it would be a serious mistake to stop the budget there. We must consider monitoring, at least monthly and at least for 6 months to be able to analyze the data that we set at the beginning with which can determine the UK Cell Number success or failure of the campaign. Specifically, we must analyze if we are obtaining the expected results, what is working and what is not:

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