Compliance with Current Laws

As freelance professionals or an agency, we cannot offer email marketing services without warning our client of the importance of due compliance with current laws . Here, what a “lawyered” paragraph I got . Within our budget, we must analyze the current state and recommend (and include if appropriate) the necessary actions to adapt our website and content to what the law requires. Automated Email Marketing – Tactics Tactical planning phase Good! We have already included in our budget the time we will need to establish a strategy, platform fees and legal compliance. Shall we stay there? No! There is still a lot to think about.

Identification and design of flows

If we talk about Automated Email Marketing and we have answered the questions above, then we can identify a series of automated flows that we will have to design and create . Each of these flows will have a reason category email list for being , an objective within our strategy. Of course, not all flows are for “selling” but we will also have to think about flows for maintaining communication and the system itself. Processes to keep communication alive . In most cases we will want to keep communication alive with all the members of our lists. From the automated sending of our blog articles to other possible flows such as birthday greetings could have

Definition of Lead Magnets and advance content

Surely, as we map out the automatic flows, we will realize that no one is going to move forward in the funnel or take an action if we do not offer what they need. Do you agree? Come on, at least make a gesture, I see you UK Cell Number with the maximum level of absorption! ( Oops, that sounded very like a compress but… how would you say referring to “being absorbed”? I don’t know what clouds smell like, honestly… hehehe ). Come on, let’s continue. What do we focus on now? In defining, in as much detail as possible, what content we should create. I don’t mean to give a title but to extend it a little more, without finishing it:

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