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Written your content after many Your Growth hours of work divided between keyword research, doing a couple of reviews of the SERPs to determine search intent, research and, finally, writing. The next step is to pay attention to the layout of the text. You will have to do this step or not, depending on your client. You will find clients who prefer to take care of the layout on the blog or website themselves and others who leave everything in your hands. The layout aims to facilitate reading for the user and provide additional information. 

Determine search intent Your Growth research and finally

They have to be of good quality, not too category email list heavy. And related to the text they have nearby. In the example of this post we are going to put photographs. Of each monument that have not already been used on. The websites that are in the top 10 of Google. Complicated? Yes. Impossible? No Tables . They are not always necessary since. It depends on the content, but they come in handy to show certain. Types of information to the reader in a visual and clear way. 

Do not hesitate to use them since they are more powerful

In our case we could place a table as a summary UK Cell Number showing. The list of monuments with visiting hours. Plus, it helps get rich snippets in the SERPs… Lists. Like the previous ones, they are not always necessary, but. If you have to make a list, do not hesitate to use them since they are more powerful. Visually and the user will be able to locate them quickly. Bold . No, bold in itself does not help positioning but serves to highlight key phrases in the content that will retain. The user’s attention when they do a quick visual sweep through the text.

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