Aso Positioning of Mobile Applications

App Store Optimization (or Mobile App SEO) is the process of adapting a website in a mobile application and increasing its visibility in app store search engines. The goal is to increase the number of downloads and user interactions, build foundations of recognition, obtain positive opinions and diversify distribution channels.

Why do I need an ASO?
Have you ever wondered how much time you spend using apps every day? According to recent research, 2021 broke all records – users spent a total of almost 4 trillion hours on mobile devices, which translates into an average of 4.8 hours per day per user. This is a huge group of potential recipients.

Why do I need an ASO

The popularity of the application is related to its general availability. Thanks to it, much less Internet resources are downloaded, which is especially important Whatsapp Data when you are away from home and use a data package. Mobile applications allow for easier website management and content personalization. Shopping? Map? Articles? Video? One click is enough to make your life easier.

Mobile or responsive website? This is not as simple a question as it may seem. The first type is a simplified version of a desktop website that contains only the most important information. Its advantages are high loading speed, independence from the desktop side and easy operation.

The Popularity of the Application is Related

Unfortunately, it is not free from disadvantages: having two URL addresses may cause the problem of duplicate content, and you also have to use two CMSs and redirects. Additionally, the optimization process is performed separately for both versions.

For this reason, the vast majority choose a responsive UK Cell Number website (RWD), which automatically adjusts to the size of each display, using the same code and URL.

Thanks to this, the entire operation is simplified and eliminates the risk of potential problems or errors. You operate on one page instead of two. Unfortunately, it involves longer charging times and higher implementation costs. However, its use has a positive impact on the work of search engine robots.

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