Projection based Augmented Reality

l interesting and entertaining filters available, of course. These filters are made using AR as a 3D object and also use a touch of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology as the logic. Here is an article that you can also read: 2 Main Steps to Make Cool Filters on Instagram Medical ar medic AR is often used for medical training. Be it in the form of applications or other Projection based Augmented Reality operating equipment. At Cleveland Clinic, Case Western Reserve University, students use AR headsets to learn the ins and outs of anatomy. Broadcast star wars You will definitely come across this field often. From weather broadcasts to sporting events. AR in the form of visuals is common on your TV screen. If you often find events that are quality in terms of visual objects, then that is the use of AR technology. One example of a film.

Hopefully it is useful for those

that uses AR is Star Wars. OK friends, those are some explanations from AR. Hopefully it is useful for those of you who read it. Without you realizing it, technology is developing very rapidly. “Be a person who is always ready to face every obstacle that comes your way.” ( BJ Habibie ) Don’t forget to leave your comments regarding developments in AR and other ws number list technologies. What is Augmented Reality and Examples? – by Rendi Juliarto , Intern junior Content Writer at Dicoding The Story of a Former Gamer Who is Now a Traveloka Developer: 3 Pro Skills for a Unicorn Career Chandra Ari Gunawan (25 years), software engineer at Traveloka, used to be a timeless gamer. Being busy gaming with his gamer friends until the early hours of the morning, that’s normal.

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Until one point he got tired and realized that there were more essential priorities than just gaming . skills for a career . What kind of Pro Skill does he mean? How could Chandra anchor his career at the Unicorn with the blue plate? Let’s take a look. A High GPA is Not Enough Even though he spends a lot of time playing games, Chandra – as he is called – doesn’t feel like his studies UK Cell Number are being disturbed. When he studied Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Maranatha Christian University, Bandung, he routinely achieved an almost perfect GPA every semester. Not surprisingly, at the end of his studies, this young man from Jakarta won “Cum Laude” with a GPA of 3.97. Wow! His time management skills between studying and playing games did not satisfy him. “A high GPA is not enough,” he said. Even though he considers academics important.

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