The markerless augmented reality

Superimposition Based Augmented Reality Superimposition Based Augmented Reality is able to replace the original display with an augmented one, either fully or partially. This is where object recognition plays an important role. Devices that Support Augmented Reality augmented reality devices Surely you are curious about devices that support AR use. In this digital age, many modern AR devices will continue to develop. Examples include Google Glass or handheld devices. The following are the categories of devices that support Augmented Reality : Mobile devices ( smartphones and tablets). This device is the most common and suitable for AR mobile apps. Starting from business, sports, games and social networks. Special AR devices . 

A device specifically designed

For better AR experiences . An example is the HUD ( head-up display), which functions to send data with a transparent display to a display that the user can receive. AR glasses . You must have heard of this device. Yes, like Google Glass, Laster See-Thru, Meta 2 Glasses, etc. What advantages? This device is capable of displaying notifications from your smartphone . Can help with the assembly sector, accessing ws database content without holding hands, and so on. Virtual retinal displays (VRD) . This type of device produces images with a laser beam to the human eye. Aims to display bright (high contrast), high resolution images. This system is still being created for trial use. Example of Application of Augmented Reality The following are examples of the application of Augmented.

Reality or AR in their respective fields

¬†Games pokemon go Apparently the Gercep team already knows about games that use AR technology. What game is that? Pokemon Go! Some people still play it hehe. This game has its own charm because it has the concept of combining the real world with your favorite Pokemon characters. It feels as if you are in the world of Pokemon. I was so focused on looking for Pokemon that I hit a UK Cell Number wall, hehe, just kidding, friend. Other games that use the AR concept are Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, and many others. Social Media Instagram filters It wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t discuss social media. One of the AR features that you often use is on Instagram. Yep, that’s right, filters, almost everyone can use filters because there are severaThis type is commonly used for direction mapping.

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