His dream is to become a developer

Ious company. Therefore, this man from Jakarta is slowly trying to stop the habit of endless online gaming . At first it was difficult. But before graduating from college, instead of continuing to push rank , Chandra started preparing the pro skills he needed for a developer career. 3 Pro Skills that Developers Need for a Unicorn Career Over a period of several years Chandra forged himself. By leaving gaming , he then had more time to build a beautiful portfolio. He is increasingly active in multi-tasking as a lecturer assistant, lab staff, freelancer, and part-time employee at an IT & services company in Bandung. “Even though I’m tired, I carry on. “Work experience outside the classroom is important,” he said. Cultivating a portfolio from college turns out to be really useful. Overcoming tough competition, he was accepted as an IT Trainee at Bank Centra Asia. Specifically dealing with software, Chandra again learned about.

He succeeded in building a keyboard

Mobile, Java, Spring Framework, Weblogic Server, Design Patterns, and Oracle Database. When he left BCA in 2019, his last position was Senior IT Specialist. feature and account opening facility in the company’s mobile application, a breakthrough in the world of mobile banking at that time. With his experience, in the same year this persistent man was trusted by Traveloka as a Software Engineer. Of course this whatsapp database is not an easy matter. Of the thousands of candidates who registered for this prestigious company, only a handful passed the selection, including himself. As a Back End Developer – Experience Product now, on a daily basis he is familiar with the Scrum framework to manage the back-end side of company projects. “This job is very fun and fits my interests,” he said grinning. According to this member of Dicoding since 2017 , there are 3 key Pro Skills that have helped him land and develop in his current .

The proof is that the IT team in his office

  Let’s take a look. #1 Actively Learn This character trumps even the diploma factor.  is not only experienced undergraduate graduates like himself. There is also no requirement for a Bachelor’s degree! Among his colleagues there are vocational school graduates and there are also those from non-IT backgrounds . Even though they are different, they all have the same character: active learning. This UK Cell Number is the main criteria that almost all pro developers have. Visit Chandra’s LinkedIn and discover his many certifications in mobile development, cloud, scrum, and security. In Dicoding itself, he has passed 3 classes in the Android Development learning path up to intermediate level. He admitted: “When I interviewed at Traveloka, I brought and showed my Dicoding certification, including. 

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