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Why output devices? Because it will display information in the form of videos, images, animations and 3D models that need to be used. So, users can see the results in artificial and natural light. Augmented Reality or AR uses SLAM ( Simultaneous AR can be displayed on various Localization and Mapping ) technology , sensors and depth meters. For example, collecting sensor data to determine a location, calculating the distance from a previous location to a destination location, etc. Of course, all of this cannot be separated from the supporting components of AR, including the following. Cameras and Sensors Cameras and sensors are used to collect collaboration information data with users and send it for processing. The camera on a cellphone has the ability to examine the environment and the data obtained, as well as being able to locate physical items and produce.

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Projection You need to know the projection of one of the AR components.  projector. For example, some kind of AR headset. The device takes information from sensors and projects computerized content onto a surface for viewing. However, in reality, the use of these components has not been fully designed for use in tools. Reflection Some AR gadgets have mirrors to help the human eye see images ws data virtually. Cool isn’t it? Yes because some of them have variations of small bent mirrors and some have double sided mirrors. Functions to reflect light into the camera and into the user’s eyes. The purpose of the reflection method is to create precise and accurate image settings. Types of Augmented Reality augmented For your information , AR has several types and methods depending.

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On the application. types or types of AR methods below: Marker Based Augmented Reality Some people call it image recognition . Because this type of AR requires special visual objects and a camera to scan them. Visual objects can take any form, from printed QR codes to custom symbols. This AR device also UK Cell Number calculates the position and orientation of markers to position content. That way, the marker will display a digital animation that can be seen by the user. Markerless Augmented Reality This type is what makes Augmented Reality widely used. Markerless AR uses GPS technology, speed meter, digital compass and accelerometer embedded in the device to provide data based on your location.

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