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And/or GitHub. Simple, operating GitHub is actually easy if you get used to using it. Non-Linear Development, this platform allows programmers to change code automatically. This can save time for programmers to compile and change code. There are single use and double use options . You can just use Git or just GitHub to process the code ( single use ). Meanwhile, double use uses Git and GitHub with different tasks. You can work on code offline and online with the push or pull feature in transfer commit . Conclusion Version Control System is a system that keeps records consisting of source code changes . VCS also enables better collaborative work. Git is a version control tool . GitHub is a version control tool as well as cloud storage . These two platforms work in almost the same concept.

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As Dropbox and Google Drive, only Git and GitHub work to process script code . are responsible for processing words. If you plan to become a programmer , you need to know and get used to using Git and GitHub immediately. Because almost all technology-based companies have used these two platforms for their employees’ work. “Experience is the term people give to their mistakes.” (Oscar Wilde) Also read other related articles whatsapp data on Dicoding below:Have you heard of the technology term called Augmented Reality ? Have you ever used Augmented Reality technology ? If you are sensitive to this technology, then it is actually often encountered in everyday life, right? It seems that you have also used it in applications installed on your smartphone. Augmented Reality or AR technology sounds like a future term, meaning it doesn’t apply to everyday life. Is it fact or myth? In fact, people are competing to develop this technology.

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The AR era like now. Want to know more? On this occasion we will discuss what Augmented Reality is and examples. Keep reading until the end! What is Augmented Reality? Augmented Reality or AR is a technology that combines real-time digital content created by a computer with the real world. Augmented Reality allows users to see 2D or 3D virtual objects projected onto the real world. augmented reality How are you UK Cell Number starting to understand? So in essence, Augmented Reality or AR is a technology that is able to insert information into the virtual world and display it into the real world with the help of computer webcams, cameras, and even special glasses. How Augmented Reality Works augmented reality work As discussed in the definition above.

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