The way GitHub works is that it must

be connected to the internet so there is no need to install software on the hardware.  This makes the computer storage that we use easier because . The project files are stored in the   cloud . The working concept of   is basically The way   works is that it must the same as Git, namely that you can write source code individually or as a team. The user interface available on   is more attractive and easy to understand for first-time users. Working as a team, users can also see who wrote the code and what date the code was created. There is another feature on GitHub, namely that we can read various blogs and feeds created by fellow users. This is used by users all over the world to share programming ideas and discuss solving problems. Of course, the posts on GitHub are related to programming.

Since GitHub was acquired by Microsoft

So has become a discussion forum for programmers like social media.   in 2018, this platform has grown better and superior. So the majority The way GitHub works is that it must of programmers are more familiar with GitHub in VCS programs than competitors such as GitLab and Atlassian BitBucket. Difference Github logo The difference between Git and GitHub is very unique and each has its own advantages. Th whatsapp number list following are the differences between the two platforms. Git GitHub 1. Install the software on local storage 2. Managed by The Linux Foundation 3. Focus on version control and code sharing 4. Access offline 5. Not using user management features 6. Provides a desktop interface called “Git GUI” 7. Compete with Mercurial, Subversion, IBM, Rational Team, Concert, and ClearCase 8. Open source licensed 1.

With GitLab and Atlassian BitBucket

Whatsapp Number List

Host via cloud service 2. Acquired by Microsoft in 2018 3. Focuses on centralized hosting source code 4. Access online 5. Using user management 6. Use the desktop interface name “GitHub Desktop” 7. Compete 8. Options for free users and paid users Reasons Why It’s Important At the end UK Cell Number of this article, there are several reasons why programmers need to incorporate Git and GitHub into their work. Planning Tool, you can plan an activity and assign work to team members.   B. Git Git Git is Version Control System (VCS) based software whose job is to record changes to all files or repositories of a project .

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