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Pharus or Beauty, is a famous dialogue written by Plato. In addition to the central theme announc through the title of the work, some of its passages are also dicat to addressing the issue of the transmission of knowlge and the role that writing plays in this. The philosopher of the Academy, bringing up a myth of Egyptian origin, gives an account of the harm that comes with the use of this mium. Plato is convinc that true knowlge, that knowlge that would lead the philosopher to the august contemplation of archetypal ideas – those that constitute the true, imperishable and eternal world – cannot be transmitt through writing, since it cannot It is but a sum of inert characters that only say what at a given moment their author decid they should say, and, therefore, cannot establish a fluid and enriching dialogue to justify what is rais there or to refute any question that may eventually arise.

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Be formulat by someone who reads what is written. This is one of the reasons why plato uses dialogue as an exemplary means of expressing business lead his thoughts. He, certainly, resorts to writing, but to recreate the mium that he considers most suitable for polishing and transmitting thought: the dialectical confrontation of ideas out loud that would make it possible to access the plane of true reality. Plato assumes that writing is an artificial extension of our abilities , in this case, our ability to think, speak, and transmit ideas.

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 He also assumes as a conviction that the exercise of writing fixes thought and stagnates it, thus attenuating memory, since through writing there is an external mium, like a prosthesis, that facilitates memory. And this procure constitutes a failure for the Greek philosopher, since the ideas, when writing is us to remember UK Cell Number them, are not rais by the spirit itself, but by an instrument foreign to it. Although Plato is now fully install in the culture of the alphabet, he expresses a certain nostalgia for the orality of non-literary cultures. once the printing press was invent by Johannes Gutenberg, would be living its life. sunset: hot mia,

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