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God, the soul and the universe conceiv as a totalizing idea. Thus, under the label of ontology, the disquisitions undertaken by philosophers dicat to treading the misty territories of being were delimiting a philosophical discipline with its own name, giving rise to the formulation of various theories about fundamental objects using a specializ conceptual lexicon, and, at the same time, they consolidat the flight towards transcendent planes following the route that was indicat by that ancient and equivocal meaning concentrat in the expression “metaphysics”, since, in effect, those investigations strove to reveal the deep structure of what exists, giving life to entities that no longer referr to the world “down here”, but, with increasing insistence,

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Project themselves beyond the mundane boundaries to apprehend, without further ado, the essence of entities that presumably constitut “the most real ┬╗, but which could not be access using the senses. Obviously, conceptual investigations were also deploy, but these assum the existence of entities that were nothing more than ideas of a peculiar type and which kant had call noumena, that is, things in business email list themselves, without any relation to any possible experience. Little by little, metaphysics, rather than a discipline, began to designate a way of doing philosophy, a way of reflecting on reality . And so, at some point, the word “metaphysics” became openly pejorative. It occurr at the end of the 18th century and was consolidat in the 19th.

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┬áModern materialist currents consider any philosophical investigation that did not start from the consideration of matter as the support of what exists as metaphysical. Idealist philosophy, consequently, was metaphysical; empiriocriticism was idealist and, therefore, metaphysical; The scientists of the Copenhagen school were empirio-criticists, consequently, idealists, and, necessarily, metaphysicians. Let’s leave this brief tour here. In a future post , we will see how this nascent attitude of rejection of metaphysics begins to gain strength . We will see how a philosophical UK Cell Number work society, very respectable and made up of talent thinkers, but, at the same time, recalcitrant and perhaps subtly dogmatic, born in the city of Vienna, at the beginning of the 20th century, began this attack against metaphysics by considering it a mass of nonsense and, therefore, an error in human reasoning that had to be urgently and exemplarily correct.

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