Adecco’s initiatives to combat the high rate of youth unemployment in Spain

Adecco is a human resources company based in Zurich that has almost 40 years of experience helping people find jobs, and companies attract talent. Adecco’s initiatives in a reality like the current one, where the high rate of youth unemployment creates a delicate social situation, Adecco has promoted various initiatives that contribute to combating this dilemma. In order to delve deeper into this fact, we have spoken with Luca Barca, Chief Marketing Officer & Digital Sales Director of The Adecco Group.

What marketing actions are you carrying out

Our country is characterized by an unemployment rate of 30.1% for those under 25 years of age , more than double the European average top industry data and, being one of the leading companies in the employment market, we want to play an important role in reducing this gap. with the rest of European countries. To achieve this, we have many initiatives focused on young people: A training program for young people to promote their digital skills, called “Your digital career” and promoted by (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation). A collaboration with universities such as CEU and others that we will announce in the coming weeks with the aim of guiding young people in their job search. 

How can these initiatives help combat the high unemployment rate

The main objective is to bring young people closer to the world of companies in a natural way, betting on training and mutual knowledge: it is very UK Cell Number important that young people know the purpose of companies and vice versa so that the incorporation is productive and lasting; We also want to make young people aware that their personal experiences are very important when entering the labor market: it is what at Adecco we call “the other CV”; Academic degrees are important but personal experience, the life baggage that each young person brings is more important and we help them value it. A collaboration with TRIVU, the largest community of young talent that has materialized with the presence of the Adecco Group in Sondersland, the main event dedicated to young talent.

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