The fake heart attack live in the TV3 series Quan el cor s’atura

Actress Cristina Genebat suffered a heart attack during the live broadcast of the series Quan el cor s’atura on TV3. But the actress is not in danger, since the fake heart attack has been part of a campaign for La Marató , the charity telethon on TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio. Campaign that has been created by the collaborative agency K1000, with Camil Roca as creative director of the campaign. Genebat in the middle of a scene interrupts her dialogue to announce that she is suffering from unbearable pain. Members of the film crew quickly came to her aid.

A fake heart attack to raise awareness about cardiovascular health

“This year’s campaign has focused on making the audience believe that TV3 had created a new live series with the title Quan el cor s’atura , starring category email list Julio Manrique and Cristina Genebat ,” reported the Catalan Corporation of Mitjans Audiovisuals. (CCMA) in a statement. As highlighted by Barlovento Comunicación , the premiere of the series registered 498,000 viewers on average , with a 24% screen share. This is an annual event held every Sunday before Christmas on TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio. With the aim of raising funds for medical research. Last year’s edition took mental illnesses as its central theme .

The Marató seeks to raise awareness about cardiovascular health

As Europa Press pointed out, “in the middle of the series broadcast, live and with an audience on set, the protagonist has collapsed “to the enormous top industry data surprise of everyone” in order to raise awareness among the viewer about cardiovascular health.” As Àlex Marquina, who is director of the CCMA’s Brand Promotion and Strategy area, pointed out, the scare of the campaign to the audience is justified. «We could do that only for La Marató.  After the broadcast of the fictional series, TV3 broadcast a program presented by Eloi Vila to illustrate the theme of this year’s marathon: cardiovascular health, under the motto “When the heart stops… The Marató always beats.

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