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vOf everything that exists. A science that was systematically integrat by those principles would constitute the “first philosophy”, that is, a type of paradigmatic knowlge, a supreme knowlge that would embody full wisdom. Thus, an expression that only referr to the position occupi by some writings comes to designate the type of knowlge that aristotle identifi with the maximum knowlge in the hierarchy of human knowlge . « ta meta ta physica » was contract by use and at some point in history it became simply «metaphysics»: a term that would begin to make history.

Practice of Paul of Tarsus

 The passage of years, centuries and millennia, and the discursive traffic that philosophers generat, would bring about a transformation in this concept. At some point in history, the word “metaphysics” began to designate a certain philosophical discipline that was only concern with studying the categories referring to the different orders of b2b email list existence. In the Middle Ages, a distinction was made between general metaphysics (orient to deal with the act of existing as such) and special metaphysics (which was compos, in turn, of three regions of entities: cosmology – referring to the study of the cosmos -, rational psychology – concern with research about the soul – and theodicy – interest in capturing the subtleties of divine existence -).

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 The Christian philosophical conception – which was the framework in which mieval thought was inscrib – taught that the world was hierarchically order. The Aristotelian system was us in order to lay the philosophical foundations that found the divine order impos on the world. Its influence can be perceiv even in the UK Cell Number time of Galileo, when the learn, when looking at the heavens through the telescope, refus to accept the sunspots that their eyes discover, not being willing to question the vision of the rever Aristotle. , a vision that had been harmoniously integrat – through the work of the great Thomas Aquinas – into the Christian “organigram” of the world.

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